Xin Chao HANOI



*PHO thin

PHO is popular food in VIETNAM. I tried to eat a pho "PHO THIN " in HANOI. There was so many people. 50,000VND(250yen) But they have shop in Japan also. we can eat "pho" in Tokyo!! But price is not "¥250"?? "PHO thin" address is here.13…

Banh Mi 25

I went to "Banh Mi 25" in HANOI. This is kind of sandwich.I order a banh mi, grapefruit juice and orange carrot juice. It was taste nice and very cheap. The address is :25 Hang Ca, P. Hang Dao, Quan Hoan Kiem, Ha NoiBánh Mì 25 25 Hàng Cá,…